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Thanks for visiting this page to learn more about me! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the great artwork here in this space, on this website. Be sure to come-back often, as well as follow me on Social Media, to keep-up with new creative artworks! I’ve been a serious photographer, doing what I do professionally, for about 5 years. I’ve had a keen interest in photography ever since I was 16 and began traveling abroad, where I first felt the “need” to take a camera with me! I am based in the Winston-Salem, NC area. I have a full, two-story, climate controlled photography studio, where I spend a lot of my time doing photoshoots as well. Visit my portraiture: JFarleyPhotography.com. I have a saying: “Photography is great exercise.” Hiking to those waterfalls and peaks, for those refreshing experiences in nature and the oppotunity to work the shot and arrive at a beautiful, artistic representation of that scene: that’s pleasurable to me! And, it’s great exercise!


“Photography is great EXERCISE."

–– James Farley



For me, photography is my personal means of artistic expression. I am always shooting, regardless of business. It's a passion. I have to keep my camera in my hands. I offer services to people who desire real quality, because I believe they should have such an option. Always.  You’ll always find me busy creating fine art. Generally speaking, in my fine-art photography, I am most fascinated by ambient light, it’s shape, it’s direction, it’s quality. I put myself in a 'frame' of mind to quickly recognize what will generate a unique and pleasing result. I do not fight against the light; I work with it. As I exercise my art of photography, I stay very cognizant of impressions of light and endeavor to ensure that I capture what motivated me into the scene, as a guiding principle, because as one works the shot, it is too easy to get off-track. That first impression on the heart must guide you back, each time.

Enjoy the journey here!

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