Solar Eclipse 2017 – Totality and Diamond Ring Effect

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

On Monday, August 21st, 2017, as you likely know, there was a Total Solar Eclipse, that crossed the entire United States!

It was my desire, with this Solar Eclipse happening within driving distance, to find a place where the entire family could view it. When I was a boy, I remember my father using his high-powered binoculars to show us Haley’s Comet and that memory is bright in my mind. Memories with family and those indelible experiences are so important and as photographers we should always remember that.

I drove the entire family to a little place called Sparta, Tennessee. We arrived at Burgess Falls State Park at about 6:30 AM, after driving about 6 hours overnight from our home in North Carolina. There were already about 5 or 6 cars in line ahead of us! The park normally opens at 8AM, but to our amazement, the park rangers opened the gate and let everyone in early! When their parking-lot reached “totality,” they started to turn cars away. I am told they turned away around 3-400 cars, beginning at about 8AM!

Arriving early, I staked my claim to a spot next to another friendly photographer and prepared settings. Yes, then the long wait! Happily, the park has a playground and the children were able to enjoy themselves all morning until the action started!

A Dramatic Mood Set

Nearing the total eclipse, the “temperature” (Kelvin) of the light turned visibly, noticeably cool / blue! It set a dramatic mood! At total eclipse, it was very dark! I would liken it to Winter, when there is some snow on the ground and a full Moon at night. Not pitch-black, but really dark!

A Truly Epic Experience

This was a truly epic experience, that we will never forget!

Everyone started cheering when the Totality happened! Then many ooh’s and ahh’s! But I must say, the cheers were even louder when everyone saw the Diamond Ring Effect!


Solar Eclipse 2017 - Totality

Solar Eclipse 2017 – Totality

Solar Eclipse 2017 - Diamond Ring Effect

Solar Eclipse 2017 – Diamond Ring Effect

Solar Eclipse 2017 Eclipse Composite

Solar Eclipse 2017 Eclipse Composite

Equipment and Process

My Canon 5D Mark IV with telephoto lens were used to capture the eclipse shots at regular intervals. I had a solar filter (18-stop filter, designed for solar photography) that I used leading-up to the eclipse and afterwards, taking photos of partial eclipse. At Total, I took the filter off and captured shots without any filter.

Until Next Time

We hope you were able to enjoy the eclipse too! We’re waiting on the next Total Solar Eclipse already!

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