Bee Pollinating Dahlia Flower – Macro Photography

Bee pollinating dahlia flower.

There is absolutely zero crop on this photo. It will make a gorgeous print or canvas! Shot on my Canon 5D Mark III with 100mm Macro f2.8 lens at f16.

The photo is real. The flowers were in pots on my property. Apparently this bee was busy pollinating the flower, when a lightning storm came suddenly. The bee stayed and waited to dry off, which is when I photographed her. Photography is often about persistence and then opportunity opens-up.

A Model Frozen in Time

Pure accident – or was it my plan – how I came upon her with full passion alive,
Like a model frozen in time she was, and wet, as a girl on the street after a storm,
I had lured her there, I know, but I did not anticipate when or if she would arrive,
Nor could I predict the thunder and lightning on my path my will to perform.

She apparently was powdering her face before it began to downpour,
And now she was waiting on the powder to dry to gather some more.

My heart leaped to see her there, with colors so saturated in her garments,
And the flowers I had used to lure her were intense and beautiful in her hands,
Now I must admit, I did not plan out every exact step, though surely I had meant,
But indeed I rely on my talents to create works of art, not relinquishing like sifting sand.

Still… she stayed, my model for me, but yet I wondered when the time would subside,
Only peace upon me prevailed, never seeming to end, as I perfected my work, she chose to abide.

~ a poem by James Farley
(C) Copyright 30-NOV-2017

This photo was originally captured in July of 2016, under J Farley Photography and is re-released now under Advanced Fine Art.

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