Dugald Stewart Monument – Edinburgh, Scotland

Dugald Stewart Monument at Twilight

Dugald Stewart (November 1753 – 11 June 1828) was a Scottish philosopher and mathematician. He is best known for popularizing the Scottish Enlightenment, for his lectures at the University of Edinburgh were widely disseminated by his many influential students.

This was captured with my Canon 17mm Tilt-shift Lens at f8 on Canon 5D Mark III. Lee Filters 0.9 graduated ND as well as the Lee Filters Landscape Polarizer Filter used. Shot as 5 bracketed shots – ranging from .8 seconds to 13 seconds – merged together to produce a high dynamic range photo.

This photo was originally captured in September of 2016, under J Farley Photography and is being re-released now under our new brand Advanced Fine Art.

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